Most used payment platforms today

The intermediary services through which a TDC connects with the payment processor are known as payment gateways. Its main function is to send the information of a commercial transaction from the site or ecommerce where it is carried out to

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Financial Analytics – Dashboard in Power BI

At QLM we have developed our KAT Analytics product, a dashboard based on PowerBI that allows you to view a set of indicators, KPIS extracted from KAT Treasury operations. This tool provides interactive reporting and business intelligence capabilities with a

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Bank agreggation

Bank aggregation refers to the collection of different bank accounts on a single platform. Banks, following PSD2 and Open Banking technology, must share their customers’ financial information through a standardized API format with other authorized entities. These entities can access

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New Partnership: Laberit

We have recently strengthened our commercial alliances with Lãberit, formerly DATANET. Lãberit is a Microsoft Gold partner and together with QLM we have developed the connector with the Microsoft ERP ecosystem that allows us to help end customers with their

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Electronic Signature – EDItran

Maximum security in electronic transactions between the treasury department of a company and banks or other entities, both public and private. Editran, together with the Electronic Signature module, allows you to automate the entire process of sending information between computer

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