High level support to the
Economic and Financial Management

Treasury Management

We adapt our treasury tool to your real needs and incorporate it into workflows by automating tasks during the process.

Customized cash forecasting automation from ERP and management systems

Know your actual financing needs well in advance and accurately, and anticipate possible liquidity shortages

The technology used allows installation in the cloud or in SaaS mode

Very powerful and flexible tool that allows you to work in any environment


Automation of accounting processes

We save costs in the financial area allowing to concentrate the company’s resources in strategic tasks that contribute to create value. For this purpose, we have developed a tool for the automation of accounting and we integrate them into the company’s ERP.

Bank communication to obtain account movements, cards or points of sales

Automatic accounting of movements in banks and integration with the ERP

Accounting of payment gateways and online sales integrating with different gateways

Reconciliation of invoices against bank movements for automatic clearing

EDItran support and outsourcing

Experts in implementation and support of Editran and electronic signature. Outsourcing of banking communications with different levels of support.

Turnkey implementation of Editran to establish communications with all banking entities

Consultancy to define the correct flow of files, maintaining security through processes and electronic signature of files

Own tool for transmission control and reporting to the financial department

Outsourcing of communications in in-house or SaaS environments, with first level support

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