Kat Treasury


Specialized treasury management
and automation software

Improve your productivity eliminating manual processes and get the best decision-making information.

KAT Treasury includes the most innovative flexible and robust technologies, also capable to carrie out additional developments that incorporate any other current or future need for the management of your treasury.

Likewise, KAT Treasury is a treasury management solution developed to help companies to (i) achieve significant cost savings by automating tasks related to obtaining, processing and analyzing all the information involved to operations with impact in the banking positions and their accounting (ii) optimization of financial margins through better management and (iii) enhancing the quality and agility of financial information for better decision-making.

Designed to automate the processes of (i) obtaining information from the treasury area both from financial entities and from the company’s own information systems (ERP´s), (ii) the accounting of bank movements, (iii) making treasury forecasts and (iv) recording and monitoring of loans, investments, guarantees, etc.

This tool is provided to optimize liquidity management and financial planning, mitigating financial and operational risks and improving financial results. Likewise, the processes for obtaining information are streamlined and a high degree of reliability and flexibility is achieved.

Check your bank position automatically on a unified platformy.

  • Daily bank position automatically updated.
  • Automate your credit accounts and remunerated accounts settlement of interest according to the conditions agreed with your banks.
  • Obtain your historical banking info splitted by banking operation typology.
  • Take control of all bank commissions.
  • Capability to integrate different national and international standards such as N43, MT940, MT 950, MT Intraday, etc.
  • Facilitates the historical Information of bank transactions with no need to search paper statements or online banking.
  • Coding operations according to the banking business.
  • Pivot technology to facilitates your own banking reports generation.

Automate up to 90% of your bank accounts reconciliation.

  • Reconcile all your Accounting Ledger in a few seconds and all accounts at once.
  • KAT Treasury is capable to create as many reconciliation rules as the client’s reconciliation issues requires, from very specific to very generic rules.
  • Feel free to cross any information from any criteria in both banks and accounting without restrictions and with the possibility of assigning ranges or differences in dates or amounts.
  • Algorithms capable of matching multi-item in your banks or accounting.
  • Automatic detection of reconciling proposals according to the client’s needs.
  • Intuitive manual reconciliation that helps users to finish matching those cases that KAT couldn’t match automatically.

Automatically account your statements and detect which customers/suppliers your payments and collections correspond with.

  • Powerful algorithm for compensation of outstanding bills of collections and payments from customers and suppliers, crossing information between the ERP and bank statements.
  • Automatically detects remittances with multiple invoices or bank records.
  • Identify partial payments or payments on account according to the result of the compensation.
  • Pulls out financial expenses associated with banking operations and automates their accounting.
  • Add all bank information to the invoice: bank account, operational date, value date, bank description and bank remittance number.
  • Automate the identification of the customer/supplier and the invoice/es that might be cancelled.
  • Not only automate the invoice cancellation but also the accounting entry in the ledger.
  • Automatic accounting of the bank expenses in the ERP ledger such as: commissions, transfers, cash pooling, taxes, interests, etc.
  • Automates the accounting instalments of your loans, investments, guarantees, etc.
  • Accounts all your analytical information automatically.

Create and simulate different scenarios in an easy way. Anticipate future lack of liquidity and find out what has produced your budget deviations.

  • Optimize the control of your forecast adding to your financial report not only due dates from the ERP invoices but also manual forecasts or other sources from your financial department.
  • Bring every open document with a future due date in your ERP, not only invoices but also orders, delivery notes, orders, etc.
  • Get the best bank-company balance sheet that will allow you to take a better control of our banks.
  • Save money improving your bank position, bank claim and optimization of financing and investments.
  • Budget deviations detailed.
  • Adapt your financial reports according to the complexity of your business and the sector in which you operate.

Automatic calculation of the amortization tables of your financing operations.

  • Generates amortization tables for all your financing products such as loans, guarantees, leasing, et., or investments such as temporary financial investments.
  • Automatic maintenance and review of interest rates. Amortization tables always updated.
  • Feeds your Forecast report with all installments generated in this module.
  • Synchronize the accounting of the interest, principal and bank expenses, automatically.
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