Automate the exchange of information
with banking entities

Platform admitted by all banks operating in Spain. Download the 43 AEB Standard daily. No passwords needed. Operate with your bank avoiding their web pages, send your SEPA statements, 19 and 34, straight through EDItran.

Automate your customers bank statements daily.

  • Say goodbye to bank credentials.
  • Secure protocol to communicate with your customers banks and download 43 standard.
  • leave no bank unconnected.
  • Post at least 90% of the bank records in your ERP automatically without errors.
  • Get access to a product reserved for large companies at the price of suscription.
  • Pay only for the number of managed bank accounts.

Automate communications with your banking entities.

  • Get standard 43 automatically with all balances and records from your current and credit bank accounts.
  • Leave electronic banking to know your treasury.
  • Send SEPA standards automatically and with no rejection from bank side.
  • No bank credentials needed.
  • Have the bank balance of your group updated.
  • Possibility to join banks of your foreign delegations.
  • Improve your security adding the electronic sign module.



Creation of
new sessions




Alerts reports


EDItran enables not only get the standard 43 from all banks, as well as the transmission of different standards like 34, 19, confirming, etc. But also, reception of VISA card operations and details of payment terminals.

Also connect with other international entities to obtain the international group position from all subsidiaries.

If you are a city council, it also enables the transmission of specific standards such as standard 63 (seizures of accounts), notebook 60 (collection of taxes and other municipal income), etc.

QLM is an official EDItran® distributor and all EDItran family solutions, owned by INDRA®. EDItran® is a non-repudiation communications system between two different computers with the necessary measures to guarantee secure communication.

EDItran® is mandatory for all banks that operate in Spain. This makes of EDItran® the safest and complete product for communications between the company and the bank.

This product is available for all operating systems. It can be installed in PCs, virtual environments with a Windows client or servers.

QLM, as specialist consultants for this software, offers consulting services to improve the use of the product and first level support:

System maintenance.

Creation of new sessions.

Communications monitoring.

Alerts reports.

Our team takes do tailored projects. As well, we not only manage the parameterization of the product, necessary tests, cryptography exchanges, leaving the product running turnkey, but we also take care of global maintenance, completely outsourcing the QLM system.

QLM has developed it´s own .net program, KAT EDItran, that allows the customer to take control of their communications with no consultant help.

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