Bank agreggation


Bank aggregation refers to the collection of different bank accounts on a single platform. Banks, following PSD2 and Open Banking technology, must share their customers’ financial information through a standardized API format with other authorized entities.

These entities can access the information through an external platform as long as they have received the consent of the bank’s customer. The information is “read-only”, so the user or the entity cannot modify the data. Once a bank connects to a bank aggregation API, banks have a large number of possibilities to innovate.

The main features of bank aggregation are:

  • Read-only no updates or changes to the bank’s shared information are allowed.
  • Simple and easy to implement
  • There are certified providers for this service. It is secure.

Within QLM we have this bank aggregation service through EDITRAN and we provide our clients with the bank module where all the relationship of products and services contracted by the client with their transactions is displayed.


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