Real time Treasury: APIS communication and ERP Integration

Tesorería en tiempo real

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow communication between the bank and the companies’ ERPs to take place directly and without intermediaries. This open infrastructure makes it possible, among other things, for a user to request information on bank account statements on demand and in real time.

The sending of all the company’s account information is done through standardized files, known in Spain as Norma 43 and internationally as MT940 for foreign banks.

Currently in Spain the main banks that provide this communication are: Banco Santander, BBVA, Caixa Bank, Bankinter.

You can check the published APIs on the web page of each bank:

The communication with the ERP is done in QLM through connectors developed by us with the different ERP in the market: SAP, Microsoft, SAGE, among others. This integration is bidirectional and also helps to mitigate the access to the banking platforms one by one manually, reduces development times and provides real-time information of the company.


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