Electronic Signature – EDItran


Maximum security in electronic transactions between the treasury department of a company and banks or other entities, both public and private.

Editran, together with the Electronic Signature module, allows you to automate the entire process of sending information between computer systems, protecting the integrity of the signed document through digital certificates and adapting to the logic of processes and variety of signature powers of your company.

Why use EDITRAN Electronic Signature:

Automate processes

Editran FF makes it easy to review documents and sign them quickly while managing and maintaining the company’s signature flow and rules. Editran FF is designed to adapt to the signature processes of each company, allowing you to request signatures from one or more signers, depending on amounts, signers or file types.

Use of Multinorm formats

Editran FF has viewers for the vast majority of common standards in the market: SEPA19, ISO 20022 SEPA direct debits and Transfers and Checks, SEPA 34-14, AEB 60 (taxes), AEB 63 (garnishments) among others, as well as generic viewers for Office, PDF, txt, XML and other formats.

Maximum Security

Editran FF allows you to sign files with different modes (PKCS#7, XAdES) to be compatible with your bank’s standards. In addition, it allows you to validate the certification chain in terms of structure, content, usage and expiration date of all authority certificates, which facilitates the authentication process required by banks.

Adaptable and modular

In desktop and mobile versions, Editran FF is the perfect complement to Editran for treasurers looking to implement advanced security and control mechanisms in the automatic sending of their files. Together with Editran and the AES-RSA Cryptography modules, it is the optimal security solution for all banking communications.

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