27 November 2019


N26 It is one of the 10 best-rated Fintech companies worldwide, with more than 3 million and a half customers. In April 2019 they announced an extension of their round of financing Series D, which reaches 470 million dollars. After this capital extension, N26 It is valued at 3.500 billion dollars

N26 Within its international expansion plan and to offer its services in Spain in a manner analogous to other countries, it needed to allow its clients to operate with current accounts with IBAN Spanish. One of the requirements that the Bank of Spain requires financial institutions to provide this service, is to establish direct communication with regulatory entities for communication and information exchange via EDItran.

From QLM We offer this turnkey service to the team of N26 in Spain, not only by configuring the product, but by establishing direct communication with regulatory bodies such as SEPBLAC, AEAT, Bank of Spain, etc. and leaving communications with each of them perfectly configured, coordinating the tasks to facilitate the deployment of N26 in Spain. Additionally QLM It has provided all the necessary infrastructure to carry out the project as far as Hardware is concerned, working in a 100% Cloud environment. This environment meets all the requirements in terms of security, capabilities and high availability established not only by the Spanish regulation, but also by those of N26. Additionally we have installed our own WEB development on EDItran which allows us to have total control over transmissions, alert systems and reports of everything that is happening with the different communications.

Since April 2019, N26 It already offers its clients in Spain the possibility of operating with IBAN Español, so the project has been a success.

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