Suite specialized in treasury management and automation

KAT Treasury incorporates the most innovative technologies in its area, also constituting a flexible and robust platform on which to carry out additional developments that incorporate any other current or future need for the management of its treasury and related accounting.


KAT Treasury is the treasury management solution developed to help companies to (i) achieve significant cost savings by automating tasks related to obtaining, processing and analyzing all operational information with a reflection on the Bank positions and accounting (ii) optimization of financial margins through better management and (iii) to enhance the quality and agility of financial information for better decision making.


Designed to automate the processes of (i) obtaining information from the treasury area both from the financial entities and from the company's own information systems, (ii) the banking movements' own accounting, (iii) making forecasts treasury and (iv) the registration and monitoring of financing, investments, guarantees, etc.


In this way, tools are provided to optimize liquidity management and financial planning by mitigating financial and operational risks and improving the financial result. Likewise, the processes of obtaining information are streamlined and a high degree of reliability and flexibility is achieved.



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Check your bank position on a unified platform automatically.

  • Keeps the bank position updated daily automatically.
  • Calculation of interest settlement of credit policies and remunerated accounts according to the conditions agreed with the banks.
  • Generation of the historical bank map by operation.
  • Control bank fees.
  • Ability to integrate different national and international standards such as N43, MT940, MT 950, MT Intraday Balances, etc.
  • Information on the history of bank movements without having to resort to the paper or online banking statement.
  • Information coding according to the banking business and at various levels.
  • Report generator suitable for bank negotiation and knowledge of balance status according to company, bank, account, type of movements or groupings of dates.


Tap up to 90% automation your bank accounts with your accounting.

  • Ability to tap the largest bank in a few seconds in all areas, bank-company (the most common) and also bank-bank (for bank recessions) and company-company (for accounting cancellations).
  • The algorithm is capable of creating as many reconciliation rules as the client's problem needs, from very restrictive to very generic.
  • Information crossing of all bank and accounting fields without restrictions and with the possibility of assigning ranges or differences in dates or amounts.
  • Algorithms capable of marrying multi-point reconciliation blocks up to “n” notes without restrictions.
  • Ability to create blocks automatically or conciliatory proposals according to customer needs.
  • Intuitive manual reconciliation screen to finish dotting those cases that we have not been able to automatically tap. We guarantee that it will always be an amount less than 10% for each checking account or credit policy.

Portfolio / Accounting

Automatically post your excerpts and know what charges the revenue corresponds to.

  • Powerful algorithm for compensation of live invoices of payments and payments of customers and suppliers respectively taking into account the ERP information and the daily load of bank files.
  • Ability to cover with this algorithm not only the casuistry one to one invoices, but remittances with multiple invoices or bank notes.
  • Ability to identify partial payments, advances or payments on account according to the result of the compensation.
  • Identification of the financial expenses associated with banking operations to make their corresponding bank entry.
  • Assignment of all bank information on the invoice or note that we bring from the ERP, namely bank account of the charge or deposit, date of banking operation, date value of the operation, description of the bank or bank remittance number.
  • Easy identification of the customer who pays us the invoice and the combination of invoices or credits that correspond and must be compensated.
  • Information of the balance to be compensated of each client or supplier to the ERP automatically forcing to make the bank entry associated with said compensation.
  • Automatic accounting of bank movements in the ERP newspaper whose origin is the bank itself such as: commissions, data, transfers, cash pooling, taxes, interest, etc.
  • Accounting for items and reconciliation adjustments.
  • Automation financing seats (amortization and investment tables).
  • Possibility to impute to each seat the analytics or dimensions that it has regardless of the number of these.


Create different scenarios and simulate possible scenarios in an agile way. Anticipate future liquidity failures and know that you have produced your deviations.

  • Greater precision in the calculation and control of forecasts by incorporating not only ERP invoices but also being able to integrate manual forecasts or other sources of information outside the ERP.
  • Possibility of analyzing the forecast of future payment and payment from the initial moment of an order until the acquisition of the real right of collection or payment of an issued invoice.
  • Possibility of knowing the future liquidity of the company in value date providing security when making decisions.
  • Possibility of forming a bank-company balance allowing greater control of our banks.
  • Possibility to save by optimizing your position, bank claim and optimization of financing and investments.
  • Detail of the possible deviations of amounts in each period for each customer or supplier or collection and payment method.
  • Possibility of designing your reports and management of your treasury according to the complexity of your business and the sector in which it takes place.

Financing and investment

Automatic calculation of the amortization tables of your financing operations.

  • Automatic generation of amortization tables of all your financing products such as loans, guarantees, leases, or investment such as Temporary Financial Investments.
  • Maintenance and automatic review of interest rates. Amortization tables always updated with the agreed conditions.
  • Feeding the forecast module once the principal, amortization or interest flows of each financing or investment product introduced have been generated.
  • Automatic accounting of interest, principal and associated expenses.
  • Powerful operations configurator.


Find out how QLM services can help you with your business objectives.

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